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Lauderdale Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Patio Repairs Pros

Lauderdale Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and patio repairs will help install a durable and elegant screen enclosure, to complement the luxuriousness of your pool, also provide repair if that is what the screen enclosure needs; we are equally great in enclosure repairs including patio repairs.

We specialize in screen enclosure installation and repairs such as pool screen enclosure, patio screen enclosure, hot tub screen enclosure, outdoor enclosure, commercial screen enclosure, sun room, solarium, and lanai conversions.

We boast of team of professionals with unbeatable years of experience. You don’t have to communicate what you need twice before we get it, and if you are unsure of what you need, do not worry; we know exactly what you need, when we see you.

When you choose us, you choose professionalism, integrity, quality and durability. Check out our range of services from pool enclosure to lattices, and contact us for the one you need.


Pool screen enclosures: pool screen enclosures are great to protect you from UV light and rain also ensure no leaves or debris takes a gentle ride along the pool while having a nice time in the pool.

Though some people says is not worthwhile perhaps, because, of the speculation that the screen enclosure can be difficult to replace, not with us anyway! We install pool screen enclosure also provide replacement.


Patio screen enclosures: Patio screen enclosures are a great addition to your home to complement your new lifestyle, also the best home improvement project.

Patio screen enclosure will ensure no bugs, sunshine, debris interfere with you when cooling off in the patio, and it allows to have live a life of privacy.


Sunrooms: designing your sunrooms can be mind-boggling because there are different styles and ideas you can choose from but, we can make it easy for you, when you meet us we will figure out the exact type of sunroom your home needs.

For instance, you have the option of the single pane glass or double pane glass, and you might also want the room to be either warm or cool all year round. It all depends on you, so contact us to begin the process of the sunroom installation, to have an outdoor experience in the indoor space without the inclement weather.


Solariums: solariums are sunrooms, but do not mean the same thing. Solarium is a sun room enclose completely with glass to allow adequate sunlight without the dangerous elements of the sun, while a sun room generally refers to a room that allows maximum sunlight to feel the outdoor in the indoor.

Solarium is used in the hospital, and restaurants to receive only the benefits of sunshine, and not the harmful effects.

So contacts us to have us install a solarium in your house, restaurants, hospitals or other commercial centers.


Carport and awning: if you see a need to have a screen enclosure then you should equally see a need for your car to get a covering too in the form of carport. 

Invest in stylish carport today and protect your car from the sun and rain, which are however, not compatible with your car.

The sun can cause your car to fade in no time even lead to further damage as well as the rain.  The rain picks up pollutants and contaminants, which can affects the car’s finish. So invest in a carport for you to rest easy, knowing that the carport will do its job to protect your car. Whether the son is too hot or the rain is heavy is not a problem to the carport!

We also specialize in awning installation. Awnings will reduce the intensity of the reflected sun, hence, keep the inside temperature cool, it also protects the carpet and furniture from fading due to the sunlight. The awning also acts as shade for you to enjoy the outdoors, and so many more benefits to explore with the awning if you deem it necessary to have us install it.


Aluminum roofing: aluminum roofing is light weight, it is does not corrode or rust or sun also durable. The benefits are endless. And it is our top pick material for any of your roofing project.


Roll down screen: roll down screens are not just elegant, but also provide convenience.  Roll down screen is innovative combine with your need and style, and imagine the effect when you blend roll down screen with the right installer. You can have the best of both worlds with us. We will provide a roll down screens that meet your need and style also offer professional installation.


Phifer screen: Phifer screen is a household name to varieties of quality insect screening for outdoor structures, windows, doors. With Phifer screen, you have assurance of getting a quality insect screening that meets your need and style.


Lanai conversions: enjoy the scenic view of your environment with a stylish glass and screen. Lanai conversions combine elegance with function coupled with affordability from the traditional choice for patio and pool enclosures, aluminum kneewall to chairrail, and different door and window styles you can think of.


Aluminum screen enclosure: screen enclosure creates a haven for your home. Our team of professionals will guide you through the different styles of aluminum screen enclosure to pinpoint the best for your home, also help install it.


Glass rooms: glass rooms comes in different styles and design the only riddle left to solve, is to pinpoint the best style that meet your need and taste, and we will definitely help you with that also offer a quality installation.


Spa and amp; hot tub screen enclosure: hot tub screen enclosure provides privacy with high level of protection. Complement your luxurious hot tub with a screen enclosure.


Commercial screen enclosure: expand or improve the look of your commercial buildings with commercial screen enclosure. We are not just specialist in home pool and patio enclosure but also commercial!

Our years of experience coupled with our team of professionals make us the exact screen enclosures installation contractors you need to help you re-brand your commercial space with patio enclosure, pool enclosure, solarium, or sun room.

And commercial screen enclosure is your most viable option of taking your business either hotel, or restaurant or any other commercial business to the new millennium.


Patio covers: invest in patio cover, and turn your outdoor sitting area to a haven. There is no comfortability in sitting in an outdoor area without a shelter against the rain or sun. The rain or the sun can disrupt the fun in a moment, and that is the last thing you want.

So get a stylish patio cover to begin enjoy the outdoor space under an elegant patio cover of your choice.


Pergolas: whether free standing or decked pergolas, we are at your beck and call.  Building pergolas can be a challenging project, but we can make it easy for you with your favorite style and shape.  And of course, there are various styles and shapes of pergolas to choose from, and be rest assured that we will create your wish, and regardless of the challenge we will make it simple!


Outdoor enclosure: the indoor space has its place to secure and protect you, but the outdoor space too is unbeatable, where you can have access to fresh air, and cool breeze. It is like living in another world. But this experience is not without an exposure to the sunlight so to protect you from the inclement weather and insects also ensure privacy, contact us for your outdoor patio, pool coupled with weatherproof enclosures


Install pet screens: you can have us install a pet screen in your home to prevent your over-exuberant pets from doing damage to your screen.


Repair screen enclosures: we understand the cost involve installing a new enclosure especially when it needs just a minor repair. We at Lauderdale Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and patio repairs provide repair to screen enclosures pool, patio, sun room, commercial screen enclosures etc.


Lattices: lattices enclosure is an import enclosure to hide and protect your AC unit, garbage can and electrical units from the weather conditions, at the same time, add beauty to the house.

We are specialize in wide range of screen enclosure installation such as pool, patio, lanai conversion, commercial screen enclosure, hot tub screen enclosure; you just name it, even installation of patio cover, pergolas and lattices. Tell us a bit of what you need, and rest easy knowing that what you want is what you will get.

We have an exceptional team of professionals, effective project managers to ensure smooth process of work; in short, we have everything in our arsenal to provide a quality screen enclosure installation and repairs.

Lauderdale Pool Screen Enclosure Installation and Patio Repairs Pros offers a broad range of services to the customers. What gives us a competitive edge in the market include the use of modern equipment, employing a professional team, and high levels of customer service. Our driving force is to provide high end products at the most competitive rates in the region.

Call Us: (954)-289-1720
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